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Η θεραπεία για τη λευχαιμία μου είναι μόνο μια μπατονέτα μακριά. Θα μπορούσες να είσαι το ταίρι μου με βλαστοκύτταρα;


How can I help?

Please consider registering to be a
stem cell donor. The painless swab takes
10 seconds and registration
takes under 10 minutes.

It is just that easy and you could
become someone's angel. 

Andrea's genealogy is Greek and Cypriot. What if I'm not?

Because of the way genes work, Andrea's donor most likely will be of Greek or Cypriot ancestry.  However, on occasion, matches are found between patients and donors of different ethnic groups. So even if you are not Greek or Cypriot, you can still help.

Every person who joins the registry gives patients hope, and new patient searches begin every day.  You may never be identified as a match for someone, but you may also be the only one on the registry who can save a patient's life.

Help Andrea conquer cancer. 
Please download and share! 
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